February 21, 2018 - 1 minute read

In this short video below, Kelly from Iris Global shares some vision that Iris Global has for their aviation program. Its amazing to see the vision start with one aircraft and how they can impact so many already. I totally believe that they will have a fleet of aircraft one day and until that day, they truly have the vision to build this program one day at a time. It’s incredible that they have vision to raise up future pilots as well!

Hope you enjoy watching Kelly share her heart about Iris aviation. This is why we have partnered with this incredible organization called Iris Global, to hear their heart, share it with you and to know that your insurance policies endorsed by Pillar&Cloud through SterlingRisk can help contribute to the work they are doing in an amazing way.  Lets Help make an impact together!  Enjoy the video!

IRIS AVIATION from IRIS Global on YouTube

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