Iris Global: One successful story, the Iris plane, well drilling, bibles, programs & media – Part 3

August 10, 2017 - 5 minutes read

A few weeks ago we shared about the mission of Iris Global part 2 and what that looks like in regards to community, missions & discipleship. If you missed that article you can click here to read that post. This week we are going to look into one of Iris Global’s success stories as well as a few other dimensions of their organization.

Let’s take a look.

One Successful Story

Photo Right: Tatenda together with his Iris Mother Fanny helping to care for a young Iris boy.

My name is Tatenda Kingston Dzimbiri. I arrived at Iris Africa Children’s Home on September 13, 2005. Now I’m 19 years old. This year I will finish secondary school and then I want to become a human resource or marketing manager.

Malawi has many orphaned children because of the HIV/AIDS pandemic that has killed many parents. As well, dads often run away from their families to find other wives. This leaves kids in a lonely and vulnerable place, without supervision and suffering from hunger. I lost both my parents who died because of illness. I know what it means to be an orphan. I missed my mom and dad’s love yet I knew God was with me, and I experienced His love when I was provided with a new family at Iris.

I’m thankful for my good health and for the nutritious food I have received in my new home, including Food for Kids. The rice/soy meals have made me strong and have helped me to concentrate on my school work without being distracted by hunger. Eating three meals a day is a luxury in Malawi, a blessing that most people cannot receive due to the extreme poverty. I enjoy sharing the rice/soy meals to those in the surrounding villages who are very needy. Receiving this food makes them happy and brings me joy.

During the great flood that happened in 2015, I was able to take part in saving people’s lives by providing the flood victims with emergency food. As well as children, there are many weak, elderly people who are starving because they don’t have the strength to cultivate a garden in the extremely hot and dry environment of southern Malawi.

In my opinion, the rice/soy meals are very delicious and I know my brothers and sisters, and fellow Malawians in the community would agree with me. Thank you very much for sending the Food for Kidz to Malawi and may the Lord bless you for helping us fight hunger.

Iris Plane

The Iris Airplane took 13 flights on outreaches and supply trips during our Harvest Mission Schools. We also flew up to Malawi for our annual Iris Malawi Conference that was attended by over 7,000 people. This one plane allows us to bring the Gospel to some of the most remote places in Mozambique and neighboring countries.

Well Drilling

Twenty productive wells were drilled in communities; our team had a 91% success rate and we have a goal to drill 30 wells next season. In 2016, Donors contributed $165,288 toward our well-drilling program.

Audio & Solar Bibles

Through generous partnerships and donations, Iris Global has distributed 700 solar Bibles and 2,810 audio Bibles in 53 languages in 29 countries. With these devices, we are able to make the Bible available in over 1,000 languages, and only for a cost of $21.75 per solar Bible and $2.93 per audio Bible.

Iris Global is truly doing amazing work to help so many lives around the globeHope you’ve enjoyed this three-part part series of looking into the world of Iris Global.  Stay tuned for more articles and success stories that we’ll share in the near future.

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Source:2016 Iris Global Annual Report.

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