Iris Global: What Community, Missions & Discipleship looks like – Part 2

July 19, 2017 - 6 minutes read

A few weeks ago we shared about the mission of Iris Global and what that looks like in regards to reaching the children they serve and providing education to thousands of students. If you missed that article you can click here to read that post. This week we are going to look into how Iris Global serves their community and what missions and discipleship look like.  Let’s take a look.


Our 12 Iris health centers and medical programs attended to 89,919

At the village Feeding Program, we found one family, who at the end of the meal, started to devour everyone else’s scraps. We spent time with the children and they told us they were so hungry they were eating soil to take away the pain. The entire family is now in our Kids & Community program and we provide them with rice and lentils every two weeks. On the first day, I asked them if they knew anything about Jesus and they said no, so we shared the Gospel. The entire family gave their lives to Jesus. We also provided for the four eldest children to go to school and hopefully break the cruel cycle of poverty in their family. 

Rachel Wallace, Base Director

Our vision is to see entire communities come to know Father God and understand His plans and purpose for them. Our holistic approach strives to address the immediate needs of food, clothing, shelter and to further equip and empower communities for their futures with education, health clinics, business training, and more.

Iris has 13 farms and agriculture programs growing food for those we serve.

26 Iris centers work closely in their communities to come up with creative solutions to the challenges of poverty through micro-business programs.


“…we go to places that everybody else has given up on. Go to places that nobody cares about but God, and then God gets the glory! That is when He can say, ‘Look, here’s my grace, here’s my goodness. I have grace and love and goodness where nobody else does; that’s me. I have love that is only mine.” 

Rolland Baker

31,603 people have participated in ministry training put on by 21 different Iris Centers. From just two centers we did over 48 mission outreaches.

38 of our Iris Centers have discipleship programs to encourage and strengthen believers in their journey with Christ. The Gospel message is central to what Iris does and who we are. While each center has their own mix of ministries, all of the 64 locations actively share the Gospel in community outreaches, in prisons, in hospitals, and wherever else God may call them. Some of our family serve in areas officially closed to the Gospel and they share the light and love of Jesus in increasingly creative ways.

Iris Global hosted 9 mission schools for 721 students with over 30 countries represented.
These schools also sent 45 outreaches to 25 countries.

We entered a nightclub. where we normally minister, with 5 volunteers from our team. Soon one of the volunteers called me to talk with 4 girls and soon there were 9 girls on the sofa. Later, we were on the road, hand in hand, and one of them began to pray and cry out to God. I had never felt such a strong presence of God inside the nightclub, my body began to shake and I began to cry, meanwhile, other girls arrived holding hands or just getting around. That’s revival.

Lucas Carvahlo, Missionary

We’ve sent 3,436,857 meals to areas affected by crisis.

This year, in particular, we saw severe food insecurity in Mozambique and Malawi. Floods in certain parts and drought in others, caused crops to fail. Iris Global was able to respond through a timely partnership with Matter, a U.S. nonprofit focused on distributing resources around the world and creating a world “where we all matter.”

$374,902 was donated to our Crisis Relief Fund in 2016.

With this money, we were able to buy food and pay for its distribution for famine relief.

We are truly astounded by how Iris Global is able to do so much with the resources that they have been given.   We are also honored at Pillar & Cloud to sow into the mission of Iris Global and look forward to hearing about much more impact. They are great stewards of what God has called them to do. There is still much more to learn about In our next post which we look forward to sharing with you soon!

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Source: 2016 Iris Global Annual Report.

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