Israel News Roundup – AUGUST 2017

August 31, 2017 - 3 minutes read

Welcome to Pillar & Cloud’s Israel News Roundup for this month. Below are some interesting articles we came across and wanted to share with our P&C community.

1. Temple Mount: What’s the Point in Praying if You Can’t Bring Your Gun?

By Video Manager

Honest Reporting, a media watchdog, explains the situation on the Temple Mount and the media blackout on Muslim death threats and violence. The media equated terror victims murdered in their homes with Palestinians killed while attacking Israeli police.

SOURCE: Breaking Israel News

2. Israel recently performed one of the greatest medical miracles in history

By Rambam Healthcare Campus

Rambam Healthcare campus in Haifa is the first hospital in Israel to use this unbelievable technology. This new technology helps people regain control after having tremor for various reasons by using focused ultra-sound technology.

SOURCE: Israel Video Network

3. 1,300 Jews on Temple Mount Signal End of Exile, Beginning of Joyous Redemption on Ninth of Av

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz

On Tuesday, the holiday of the Ninth of Av, a record-breaking 1,300 Jews ascended to the Temple Mount, turning a day of deepest mourning for the destruction of the Temples into a catalyst to bring the beginnings of the Third Temple.

“I know that if there had been an announcement on the radio to go up and build, thousands more Jews were ready for that,” Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, the Chief Rabbi of Hebron told Breaking Israel News of the awe-filled atmosphere on the Mount.

Rabbi Ariel, an iconic figure in the Temple Mount movement who fought alongside the IDF paratroopers when they conquered the holy site in 1967, was overcome with emotion when he ascended alongside over a thousand fellow Jews on the Ninth of Av – an event unknown for a millennium, he said.

SOURCE: Breaking Israel News

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