Israel News Roundup – MAR 2019

March 30, 2019 - 3 minutes read

Welcome to Pillar & Cloud’s Israel News Roundup for this month. Below are some interesting articles we came across and wanted to share with our P&C community.

1. The Amazing – 70 Year Old Israel – Defying All Odds!

On May 14, 1948 the United Nations recognized the absolute right for Jewish people to have their homeland back and declared Ithe “rebirth” of Israel after a dispora of 2000 years! A miracle indeed. Now, 70 years later, Israel has defied all odds and established itself as a world leader, even though its population and geography are miniscule in comparison to the rest of the world. Watch this powerful video by Aish HaTorah and you will be amazed!

SOURCE: Youtube

2. What are the Top 8 Jewish Foods

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3. Amputees Can Now Stand on Two Feet with Osseointegration Technique

By Judy Siegel-Itzkovich

It’s normal and healthy to stand on your own two feet, but not everybody has that privilege, such as amputees. Many people around the world have undergone amputation of one or even two legs because they were wounded in road or work accidents, by hidden exploding mines, in war or by terrorism.

Then there are many more who lost their legs to complications of diabetes, in which their glucose/insulin were not in balance, leading to numbness in the feet due to neuropathy (nerve damage), making them less aware of injuries and foot ulcers. These ulcers may fail to heal, which can, in turn, lead to serious infections that become gangrenous.

Such people may wear a prosthetic leg, held to the stump with a cuplike socket. For some disabled persons, the use of ordinary prosthesis is bearable. Unfortunately, for others, there is pain from the constant friction between the stump and the socket, as well as residual limb pain when the area around the prosthesis hurts and no longer fits properly due to limb shrinkage.

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SOURCE: Breaking News Israel