Israel News Roundup – MARCH 2018

March 30, 2018 - 3 minutes read

Welcome to Pillar & Cloud’s Israel News Roundup for this month. Below are some interesting articles we came across and wanted to share with our P&C community.

1. Israeli co CorNeat Vision unveils artificial cornea

Following successful trials with rabbits, the Ra’anana based company is moving toward first implantation in humans by mid-2018.

Israeli ophthalmic medical devices startup CorNeat Vision has announced that it has completed the design and development stage of its artificial cornea implant (CorNeat KPro / Keratoprosthesis) – an associated implantation tool and dedicated manufacturing process.

Following successful trials in rabbits, the Ra’anana based company is initiating formal biocompatibility and safety tests toward the first implantation in humans by mid-2018. The solution is being unveiled this week to ophthalmic professionals at the XXXV European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons Congress (ESCRS) in Lisbon, Portugal.

The CorNeat KPro implant is a patent-pending synthetic cornea that utilizes advanced cell technology to integrate artificial optics within resident ocular tissue. The CorNeat KPro is produced using nanoscale chemical engineering that stimulates cellular growth. Unlike previous devices, which attempted to integrate optics into the native cornea, the CorNeat KPro leverages a virtual space under the conjunctiva that is rich with fibroblast cells that heals quickly and provides robust long-term integration. Combined with a novel and simple 30-minute surgical procedure, the CorNeat KPro provides an esthetic, efficient, scalable remedy for millions of people with cornea-related visual impairments and is far superior to any available biological and synthetic alternatives.

SOURCE: Globes – Israel Business Arena

2. Israel’s Legal Founding

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