Israel News Roundup – NOV 2018

November 30, 2018 - 5 minutes read

Welcome to Pillar & Cloud’s Israel News Roundup for this month. Below are some interesting articles we came across and wanted to share with our P&C community.

1. Building Bridges: Orthodox Jew Graduates Evangelical University

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz

“A song of ascents. Of David. How good and how pleasant it is that brothers dwell together.” Psalms 133:1 (The Israel Bible™)

David Nekrutman became the first Orthodox Jew to graduate from Oral Roberts University with a Masters Degree in Christian Studies. His studies gave him the tools to create better understanding between Jews and Christians in order to bring the two religions closer in an unprecedented manner.

“If Am Yisrael (the nation of Israel) is supposed to be a light unto the nations, to bring the light of Torah to the world, we need to understand each other,” Nekrutman said to Breaking Israel News, explaining his unusual choice of studies. “I don’t have to dilute who I am as a Jew. I need to see the Christian as in the image of God. Of course, that needs to be reciprocal.”

Nekrutman is intensely motivated to spread the light of Torah into the world, and it is toward that end that he established the Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation (CJCUC) with Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, the Chief Rabbi of Efrat, in 2008. The organization is actively involved in creating religious dialogue and cooperation with Christians.

To further that goal, Nekrutman enrolled four years ago in the Oral Roberts University (ORU) Theology program, taking a Masters of Arts in Biblical Literature with a concentration in Judaic-Christian Studies. Last Friday, Nekrutman took his place among the Christian graduates of ORU.

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SOURCE: Breaking News Israel

2. An Arab Muslim in the Israeli Army

By PragerU

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SOURCE: Youtube

3. A young Arab-Israeli woman tells an Arabic TV channel that Israel is absolutely not an apartheid state and that she loves her country.

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An Arab-Israeli Muslim woman visiting the United States as part of a group speaking on American college campuses took time out from her tour to speak to give an interview to Musawa, an Arabic-language news channel

The video took to the internet by storm, causing outrage as well as intrigue in the Arab world as she defended her country, Israel. Listen to Dema Taya’s fiery speech against the outrageous accusation that Israel is an apartheid state.

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SOURCE: United With Israel

4. WATCH: How the IDF Remains the World’s Most Moral Army

There is no doubt – the IDF is the most moral army in the world!

No other military in the world is criticized as much as the IDF is.

While often accused of committing war crimes, the truth is that the IDF is the most moral army in the world.

Even under constant threat of escalating conflict, the IDF maintains the highest and most stringent moral code, as befitting the Jewish state.

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SOURCE: United With Israel

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