About Us

About Us

Pillar & Cloud connects consumers and institutions of faith with endorsed premier companies that provide insurance and financial products that do more. Our goal is to impact the world with every transaction.

We’re a Company with a Greater Purpose.

Pillar & Cloud tithes 10% of our profits to causes in the U.S. and an additional 10% to charities in Israel. To make a profound difference in people’s lives around the world. We’re honored to partner with organizations including Iris Global, Bridges for Peace and Leket Israel, to support their tremendous contributions in uplifting the Holy Land now, and for future generations.

Together we can make a positive impact – Please help us spread the word.

We partner with church, denomination and ministry leaders to ensure that our partners’ values align with ours. Now parishioners, churches and businesses can choose insurance that funds important causes, with a focus on the Holy Land and charities close to home.

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When you sign up for our monthly newsletter, Pillar & Cloud, along with our partner Leket, will donate One Hot Meal to a needy person in Israel.

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