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What you buy should align with what you believe, so we match people of faith with products and services that help support Israel. Whenever you discover or create an inspiring message of hope for the Holy Land, please use the hashtag #PillarAndCloud and we’ll use our platform to share your support with our community.

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Subscribe to our newsletter today on the right and we will immediately donate a meal to a hungry person in the Holy Land in your honor. Then follow our progress toward our goals of making an incredible difference in Israel and we’ll keep you informed and inspired. If you care deeply, add our email to your address book so we can keep you updated on urgent issues from the Holy Land. Always feel free to forward anything you find meaningful to friends and family; this is a faith-based movement!

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Our goal is to raise millions of dollars to uplift the hungry and needy in the Holy Land. Our first initiative is to collect a base of supporters to spread the message and create a movement around charitable acts. For each person who signs up for our newsletter, we donate meals and our influence grows, so please spread our message, “share far and wide.” We’ve only just begun, but together, we will make a great impact in Israel! Below, you can share with your friends and family on your social media platform of choice. We thank you and look forward to seeing many lives changed because of your help!

Together we can make a Difference – Help us to share far & wide

We partner with church, denomination and ministry leaders to source best-in-class products that tithe to charities. Now parishioners, churches, and businesses can choose a brand knowing its company purpose is to positively impact the world.

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When you sign up for our monthly newsletter, Pillar & Cloud, along with our partner Leket, will donate One Hot Meal to a needy person in Israel.

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