Home Matters – Preventing Frozen Pipes

December 19, 2018 - 1 minute read

Did You Know?

Most falls in the home cause only temporary discomfort or minor injuries, but there is always a chance that the worst could happen. Familiarizing yourself with these safety tips will help you identify hazards and give you the chance to take proactive measures to reduce your risk of injury.

Fall Prevention Safety

Use these questions to help reduce the chances of you falling at home:

  • When standing up after sitting or lying down for a long period of time, do you give yourself time to regain your balance before attempting to walk?
  • Do you wear rubber-soled, supportive footwear or low-heeled shoes while walking around the house?
  • Do you break down larger loads into smaller ones to make them more manageable to carry?
  • Do you use a step stool instead of a chair to grab items out of reach?
  • Can you turn on lights without having to walk through a dark room?
  • Do chairs in your home have armrests to allow you to help get up and down?
  • Are rugs and runners secured with carpet tape or non-skid backing?

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