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June 20, 2018 - 1 minute read

Obtaining coverage specific to your mobile home is essential. A standard homeowners insurance policy will not cover your liabilities in the same way this specific policy will.

The Basics

A mobile home insurance policy will provide coverage for your home and property such as the following:

  • Coverage for your actual mobile home and any adjacent structures that are on your premises (attached patio, deck, shed, etc.). This protects against all forms of loss including fire, windstorm damage, and damage from falling objects, lightning and explosions.
  • Personal property protection: Covers losses for removable property such as electronic equipment, bicycles, furniture and clothing.
  • Personal liability protection: Covers losses in the event that someone or something is injured on your property. Policy pays for medical expenses for non-residents of your home and damages or defense costs as a result of covered accidental incidents.
  • Protection for improvements
  • Loss of use of your mobile home

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