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February 25, 2019 - 2 minutes read

One time a preacher visited our tribe. He was not from Africa and did not know what to expect. He had prepared to preach on the story of the lost coin in Luke 15:8–10. As part of his talk, he asked if anyone had a coin he could use as a visual aid. Not one hand went up. He turned around and asked the senior pastors on our team for a coin, but not one of them had a coin. I watched his face as it suddenly dawned on him. The poverty in that place overwhelmed him. His eyes filled with tears and he wept, right there and then, for the lack he saw in front of him—a lack he had never experienced before, a lack he had never personally
been challenged by.

Certainly, our tribe is financially poor. No one has anything of monetary value. But that does not stop us from being rich in other ways or making our offerings to God. Our people might not have cash to put in a bucket, but they worship Him in dance…they have no shame in dancing as an offering of praise.

They will walk for three days to go to a meeting and dance for God. They will travel through hot and dusty villages, without food or water, to give the only thing they can offer—themselves.

My people are some of the richest on earth. They are some of the most joyful. They do not consider themselves poor. They rejoice that they have been found. They see themselves as blessed and rich and whole. They are full of passion for God, full of His glory and full of His presence. When I look at them I do not see lack, but plenty.

May we all, regardless of our monetary wealth, give all we have to the Lord. May we worship Him with our whole selves, extravagantly…

Day 225


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