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September 20, 2017 - 7 minutes read

Iris Global has many bases located around the world. When we first introduced Iris Global (in this post) we mentioned about the program that they call “Stop for the One”.   The whole concept of stopping for the one is woven throughout the entire Iris Global Organization and is a model that is touching so many lives ONE at a time.  Today We want to give you a glimpse of what’s going on at the Iris Israel base.  Let’s take a look:

Iris Israel

Jesus said, “And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.” Matthew 25:49

The team at Iris Israel has Father God’s heart to love, serve, and help meet the practical needs of the least of these…the people in need that we encounter here in Land of Israel. Here it means helping our Jewish neighbors…e.g. those who are forgotten, alone, or struggling financially. We are looking for and stopping for the ONE the Lord wants to put in front of us, as we go about our daily life. We take the time to listen to them, to develop a relationship with them and their family. We learn about their physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial needs, and we help meet those needs, on a case by case basis.

We keep our eyes on Jesus, seeking intimacy with Him first, to receive a fresh in-filling of God’s Word and love daily in our own lives. Then from this place of fullness of His love for us, we extend compassion and help to those around us who are hurting and in need.

People and projects we are currently involved in and are developing:

  • Service to the poor and needy
  • Helping Ethiopians
  • Financial Support to single mothers and children (society’s modern day “widows and orphans”)
  • Financial support to the elderly who have no family to care for them.
  • Financial support for young adult program
  • Friendship and support for lone IDF soldiers while in the army
  • Helping the homeless

Please stand with us in prayer for each of these projects…and more to come. As well, join us in praying and asking God to continue to show us His will for making Iris Israel a blessing to the people of Israel, motivated solely by the true love and compassion of Jesus for this Land and it’s people, through our team of believers. We pray also for more sold-out lovers of Jesus, with a heart for Israel and the Jewish people, and an awareness of the unique challenges of this nation, to come serve in Israel. We thank God for each of you. We understand that we need each other…Apart from Jesus and from one another, we can do nothing!


About Us

Iris Israel is a non-profit organization based in Jerusalem, led by international and local leaders. We believe that God has called many of you to partner with us believers in the land, to fulfill His promises to Israel and the nations, and want to invite you to dream BIG with God! There is no limit to what He can do!

”Stay & Pray” apartment

We have a “stay & pray” apartment available for bookings for Iris family & friends, right in the heart of Jerusalem. We welcome anyone who desires to draw close to God to come and spend time with Him in Israel. Jerusalem is a very unique city as there are many different people groups living together. We’d like to encourage you to come to experience Israel- visit the holy sites, spend time in the houses of prayer in Jerusalem and seek God’s heart about ministering to the people on the streets, in the local congregations, with difference ministries, and to different people groups.

Israel Movement Internship-Affiliated with Iris Global

This program is an Iris-affiliated practical equipping program for those called to serve in Israel and/or advocate for Israel in your home country.

We offer a multi-faceted unique program focused on the core values of worship, the restoration of Israel, and revival through relationship-building and demonstrating the love of Jesus. This life changing program carries the Father’s heart for Israel.

Discover the treasures of Israel and how to stand with this nation. As the nations all rise to turn against Israel, it is more important than ever that people support and encourage this country. Become ambassadors for Israel in the nations, bold believers in Jesus who will stand and speak for His people and His beloved land, Israel.

This experiential training program includes:

  • Hebrew Courses: Learn how to speak, read and write basic Hebrew in this One-month intensive course.
  • Serve in a House of Prayer & Worship: praying for Israel and the Nations and for the End-time Revival. Fulfill Biblical prophecy as we “Pray for the peace of the Jerusalem.” Psalms 122:6
  • Hands on experience in serving the needs of locals as you visit sites in Jerusalem and other parts of Israel.
  • Grow in the supernatural lifestyle and deeper intimacy with the Lord.

For more information about Iris Israel please visit: http://www.irisglobal.org/israel

Below is an overview video of what “Stop for the ONE” is all about. What an amazing program that is touching so many lives around the world.  If you’re interested in learning more about Stop for the ONE please visit their website: Stop For the ONE

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