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July 11, 2018 - 4 minutes read

Written by Rolland & Heidi Baker

“The human heart is the very throne and citadel of God. When he moves in, heaven begins.” –Sadhu Sundar Singh

I want to write about the heart. That’s what determines who we are, what we’re worth to God, what we mean to God–and what we mean to each other. It’s not about who’s the smartest, or the most educated or even the most anointed. None of the above. We look on the outside; Jesus looks on the heart. We look at ability, leadership, skills and power, but he looks on the heart. You can’t hide it from him. You can hide it from people. You can even hide it from your own family. You can hide it from your church and hide it from your friends, but you can’t hide your heart from God. It’s what’s in the heart that matters.

We look for something else, and so we hide our hearts. We hide what’s really the motivation behind all we think, say and do. But God looks at our motivation. By that standard nobody can stand without the blood of Jesus. And by that definition, a change of heart is the biggest miracle, the most important miracle and the only miracle that really matters. We need all the other miracles. We need health and wealth more than anybody in Mozambique. But God could fork over all the money we want in a day. He could heal everybody in Mozambique in a day. But he spends an entire lifetime working on a believer’s heart. The heart is His greatest masterpiece, his greatest creation. That’s what he’s interested in–your heart. We are desperate for him to heal our diseases and pay our rent, but we should be even more desperate for a clean heart. Jesus said, “If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.” How’s that for a definition of real, pure revival? If we do what he says, he will do what we say.

So many want the secret to power, miracles and manifestations. But it’s a question of the heart. Faith is not just some power that makes God do what you want, producing miracles magically. Faith is knowing God well enough to know what he wants to do in a given situation. When you carry his heart, you know how to pray, and he’s delighted to do what you ask. God “fashions the hearts of them all…” (Psalm 33:15). It is God who fashions hearts, not you. You can’t take your heart and change it. It’s not your creation. It’s not in your power to fix it. He creates hearts, he fashions them into what he wants. You are his workmanship. You don’t deserve a better heart, but he makes one anyway. You don’t have a good heart naturally; nobody does! The greatest miracle there could possibly be is that this God of ours comes down into this sinful world and fashions hearts after his own design and desire.

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